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Fully Australian Cybersecurity Company and Consultancy – Triskele Labs

A cybersecurity company dedicated to meeting your every security need, Triskele Labs commits to excellence through its certified team of professionals.

The ability to implement preventative measures is how a SOC keeps attackers at bay. This is why even the most well-equipped and agile response processes are no match for the preventative action facilitated by a holistic security operations centre.

A SOC’s preventative measures include:

  • Preparation: SOC teams tend to be aware of the latest security innovations, the latest cybercrime trends, and the emergence of new threats. This knowledge spurs the creation of a security roadmap that provides direction for a company’s cybersecurity efforts. It also helps it build a recovery plan that serves as guidance in the worst-case scenario.
  • Preventative maintenance: this step includes all actions that make even the most dangerous attacks more difficult to execute. Efforts here include regular monitoring, updating existing systems, updating firewall policies, patching vulnerabilities, whitelisting, blacklisting, and securing applications.

Given that preparation and prevention are key aspects of a SOC, businesses are given the upper hand in the battle against cybercrime.

Shift cybersecurity control in your direction with a powerful, expert-run security operations centre

Cyber threats are increasing and the fallouts of these are becoming costlier to address. Companies that don’t have the measures in place to detect and mitigate threats tend to lose the cybersecurity race before it’s even begun.

A robust, coordinated security operations centre, which is equipped to foresee and address the vulnerabilities, challenges, and threats presented by the ever-changing digital landscape will, therefore, give stakeholders the power they need over their business’ cybersecurity.

At Triskele Labs, we help businesses in Australia stay ahead with DefenceShield; our very 24x7x365 SOC. Defend your systems from increasingly sophisticated attacks with the expertise and commitment of our 100% Australian security team.

We strive to help companies understand cybersecurity and implement controls that actually work. Our mission is simple. To help companies implement a risk-based approach to cybersecurity controls that are fit for purpose and cost-effective. We are not just auditors; we work to fix the problems.

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